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    By: HusTler to Brokenmind on Thu Oct 31 2019 10:26 pm

    I never gave my real information when it came to the Elite scene but
    had no big issues on regular boards depending but that's really a
    wisdom issue more than anything...


    Nobody did if you were truely "Elite". Warez traders never used real info. Were you in the Commodore scene at all? Man there was a new release every day. Games Games and more Games. I met more 16 year old coders back then. Smart kids. Really smart. I'd love to know what they did with their lives. Did they use their skills wisely or end up behind bars? ;-)

    I was never in the Commodore Scene at all. I played around with many types of BBS Sofware.. Renegade / Celerity / Oblivion / Vision were my favroite back in the days but as in warez 0-3 day for PCs...and was affilated with all sorts of having and craking back in the day and was approched a few years back to join a well known one but i declined.. I could tell you some crazy stories of were alot of the people i know that ended up in jail or working for uncle sam and have put there skills to good uses.. but i would never go into any of it here... but good questions and thought though.


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