• Syncterm Crashs When Play

    From MIKE POWELL@CAPCITY2/CAPCITY to CODEFENIX on Thu Jul 7 16:47:00 2022
    │ DW> BANSI Style

    │ "All ANSI Music enabled" is what Yankee Trader needs in order to play the
    │ sounds. Otherwise SyncTERM spews incoherent strings where the ANSI sounds are │ played.

    │ I have a feeling it will work for you and the problem is on strictly with me │ though. Still interested in knowing if it works for you.

    Well, it works in the sense that it does not crash. I don't have speakers
    on this machine so no music plays, but syncterm does not crash.

    ##Mmr 2.61ß. !link C 7-05-22 20:52
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