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    From IRONMAN@BADUSERS to DUMAS WALKER on Tue Jun 16 01:01:00 2020
    Not sure either..

    On 4/18/2020 10:37 AM, DUMAS WALKER wrote to POINDEXTER FORTRAN:

    I'm not sure that's an absolute - evidence is coming out that the US downplayed their response to the virus despite internal warnings for some
    time before taking it seriously. If we received warnings and raised alarms
    internally and then responded poorly to them, WHO isn't to blame.

    I am not certain that we did react as poorly as we are being led to
    believe, especially when compared to most other countries.

    For example:


    "Sweden has a relatively high case fatality rate: as of April 8, 7.68% of the
    Swedes who have tested positive for COVID-19 have died of the virus. Neighboring countries, like Norway and Denmark, have case fatality rates of 1.46% and 3.85% respectively. (The U.S. case fatality rate is 3.21%.) While Sweden's elevated case fatality rate could be a result of its low testing rates compared to its neighbors, experts say Sweden's laissez-faire approach could also be to blame. "

    Not knocking Sweden but rather sharing this because it makes an interesting point regarding case fatality rates. A lot of folks in the US often point to these three countries as places who do a better job than us when it
    comes to healthcare. I think it is very interesting to see where we
    compare with them... worse than Norway but better than the other two.

    Our per-capita infection rate is not as high as several other modern countries, either.

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