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    From MICHEL SAMSON@1:10/345 to DENNIS COLLINS on Fri May 16 23:55:00 2003
    Hi Dennis,

    About "usenet/NNTP" of May 10:

    The following message was posted relatively to your last request...


    Area: Fido-Dos Internet
    Date: 05-16-03 22:55
    Subj: About reminiscence ------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Hi Robert,

    About "About reminiscence" of May 16:

    A request made it to `FdN_BBS-INet' which could have belonged here: "usenet/NNTP" of May 10, 2003 by Dennis Collins addressed to "All"
    ...looking for a fully automatic way (event from FrontDoor) to logon
    to my ISP and download selected usenet groups. ...MUST be a DOS...
    I could help with the NNTP setup end of IREX. If he can get the
    DOS PPP stuff setup on his own or with the help of another.

    I suppose i could give a hand if he asks for it and nobody else has anything to say. In any case, i'll relay your answer concerning the 2nd
    part of the problem so that he can decide if our echo is worth his time. ************************************************************************


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