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    From MICHEL SAMSON@1:10/345 to MANLEY HUBBELL on Fri Aug 30 05:16:00 2002
    Hi Manley,

    About your post of August 29 (possibly related to `IRex'/`TransX'):

    ...IBM [5150]... ...360 5.25 floppy disks... ...DOS and a BBS to
    answer incoming calls... ...com program... ...LYNX connection...
    On a set of two 5.25"/360 Kb diskettes i as well would have a ~PPP~
    DialUp packet-driver included; `MS-Kermit v3.16 BETA 10' would
    complete `LSPPP v0.8' nicely and it integrates a server...
    I can NOT at this time follow?

    Hummm... Could it because you didn't exactly quote the right part?

    ...one doesn't need to rely on other external ressources like a
    FreeNet... ...a two decades old 8088 4,77 Mhz 512 Kb ~RAM~ PC can
    connect with a ~PPP~ DialUp ~ISP~ and allow for ~TelNet~/~FTP~...

    My point here is that a 5150 can do this but i'm not implying there
    is a piece of SoftWare in existance that would match your needs exactly;
    i just know that the user-side of the equation would require that little
    if only the `Kermit' file transfer protocol were more popular... SysOps
    may have special needs, yet it doesn't take much to transfer a file; an
    ~FTP~ transfer would do for a SysOp but as a user i still haven't seen a
    lot of BBSes where it's been put to good use, in .QWK/BW ~OLMR~ doors...


    Michel Samson
    a/s Bicephale

    ... In 1981, with some effort, might we have got InterNet access on XTs?
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  • From Manley Hubbell@1:105/55 to Michel Samson on Fri Aug 30 20:50:52 2002
    if only the `Kermit' file transfer protocol were more popular...
    Well? I quoted line 21 above {except for the SysOps part which wrapped} ----------------------
    Like i've already stated B4 [ mostly i use Zmodem to transfer files ]
    I guess its because its semi-automatic and begin's to download at the Z =======================================================================
    as far as what really happens {I do not know} [I guessed it was tcp?
    TCP # transmission control protocol :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
    whatever that inplies, maybe i sould get out a book { from the 80's }
    and try to piece together exactly what happens when a Z or K gets sent ??????????????????????????????????????
    the Z i knows automated a bit more ... and thus its popularity
    K requires additional instruction to start the process [i think]?
    //tilt\\ currently i've not a clue WHERE in the Telix pogram to look
    for the actuall Kermit code {nor Zmodem 4that matter} i've seen
    external Zmodem protocall programs and that would be WHERE i would start
    were i to start a long term research into TCP. I probably wont, as i
    suspect the real blockaid($) to be elsewhere ? Like maybe near ?/?
    ICMP # internet control message protocol
    IGMP # internet group multicast protocol
    __Line 22 6:43 P.M. PST {this message was about "Kermit" (Maybe)}

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