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    From Manley Hubbell@1:105/55 to All on Sat Aug 24 06:24:34 2002
    well? its just about inpossible to proceed 2 LAMAT 2 MOL
    and its just day 2
    anyway i did do something.. given it was not going to work
    but i did that anyway
    maybe it was tr 11, or was it 95 could have been just Tx
    i pay little attention
    a screen flashed on said to run smartdrive: set aside some hard
    drive space.. something about 2 Megs _Line 11 ????????????????????????????????
    funny funny funny, I think its just old and he meant to giggle
    well never mind, i've two 2 gig Hd's {seldom use eithor 1}
    //Tilt\\ now back to the BOX[inG] i checked it said there WAS 16
    Meg of memory.. i think it was I.a.wreck that said 16 ? well 2moorow ?

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