• TERMbox, DOSBox wit

    From Kurt Weiske@1:218/700 to fidonet.bbs_internet on Sat Feb 26 07:06:57 2011
    I found an interesting bundle of DOSBox and a handful of old school DOS terminal programs called termbox.


    10 popular DOS terminal emulation softwares configured to run in
    Dosbox 0.73+hal9k patches.

    Tested in 2K, XP & Win 7 (must run as administrator).

    Select software from start menu, and atdt somebbs.com or configure
    entries in the dialing directory.


    Terminate v5.00
    Telemate v4.20
    *Telix v3.51
    T2 v2.04d
    RIPTerm v1.54
    Qmodem v4.6
    Procomm v2.4.3
    Procomm Plus v2.01
    *GTPower v19.00
    *COMMO v7.7



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