• NetFoss 0.9.8

    From Mike Ehlert@1:3634/12 to All on Sat Jul 28 16:13:00 2007
    I released a minor update to NetFoss yesterday, due
    to finding an issue with the previous release not allowing
    FDSZ to run from a Win32 BBS.

    NetFoss 0.9.8 - Windows Telnet FOSSIL Driver. ---------------------------------------------
    High performance 32-bit FOSSIL for Windows
    Vista, XP, 2003, 2000, and NT4. Runs DOS BBS
    software & doors over Telnet connections or
    dialup. Includes the Net2BBS Telnet Server.
    Very fast, and Freeware! http://pcmicro.com ---------------------------------------------

    Regards, Mike

    * Origin: (1:3634/12)