• NetFoss v0.9.7 Telnet FOSSIL released

    From Mike Ehlert@1:3634/12 to All on Thu Jul 19 12:57:00 2007
    NetFoss version 0.9.7 released this week.

    NetFoss is a 32-bit FOSSIL driver for Windows
    Vista, XP, 2003, 2000, and NT 4.0, which supports
    Telnet and Dialup connections, and is fully
    complient with all FOSSIL aware software.

    The NetFoss package icludes NET2BBS, a powerful
    telnet server only 5K in size, that supports
    logging, playing wavs when users logon/logoff,
    and semaphore support for telling users when an
    event such as nightly maintenance is occuring,

    NetFoss is also compatible with the NetSerial
    Virtual Modem software, which allows legacy
    mailers such as FrontDoor to be used over telnet.
    NetSerial allows the Mailer to 'Dial' a hostname
    or IP address via telnet, and includes a virtual
    phone book to remap real phone numbers to IP
    addresses or hostnames without editing a nodelist.

    NetFoss includes example configurations for many
    DOS based BBS packages, including RemoteAccess,
    ProBoard, PCBoard, Telegard, Renegade, and also
    Win32 packages such as EleBBS, Synchronet, Mystic.

    NetFoss is freeware, and can be downloaded from

    Regards, Mike

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