From Greg Goodwin@1:10/345 to Greg Goodwin on Mon Mar 19 00:07:46 2007
    A long time & stable Dallas BBS has offered to provide a "Favorites page" for
    the Atari BBs users. Basically I provided a up to date BBS list of the active Atari sites out there, and he created a place you can go to, bring up an Atari telnet menu, and go to an Atari BBS. :)

    Ever been curious to see the online world of Atari computers? Come check out
    the Prison Board BBS:

    972-329-0781 (this number good for people want to try out Atari modems,
    and dialup means.) (This IP number is great for Lantronix users, and has not
    changed for a considerable time.)

    Never has the online Atari world been so easy to access from your Atari computer. Simply call up the above system, get to the main menu, X for the internet menu, and then A for the Atari menu. From there, it is simply a matter of hitting 1 through 9 for the Atari BBS's. Atari BBS's in many cases run on real Atari computers like the one you're calling with.

    And the Prison board makes a great E-mail service too. :)

    Let me know here if you have any questions, and many thanks to the Prison Board BBS for this awesome service.

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