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    From Daryl Stout@1:382/33 to MATTHEW D on Sat Oct 8 04:10:00 2005
    Re: Dial-up and Telnet Synchronet?
    > By: Mike Powell to All on Sat Feb 26 2005 09:41 am

    Synchronet will accept both telnet and dial-up callers.

    I think the DOS/OS2 version of Synchronet (2.30) will do so without an
    extra utility. With the Windows version of Synchronet (currently 3.13a),
    you need something like the 32-bit Argus frontend, along with the dialup-to-telnet program to allow your dial-up callers to access the BBS...since, Synchronet for Windows doesn't actually offer dial-up
    caller support anymore.

    I use the Argus and dialup-to-telnet programs for callers to access Synchronet over here. Amazingly, I have several callers who prefer
    dial-up to telnet. And, from the last check of The BBS Corner dial-up
    and telnet BBS list, I'm the last dial-up BBS in Arkansas...and one of
    the now under 100 total dial-up BBS's left in the U.S. and Canada.

    By the way, you can set up Argus to also accept other "network netmail
    calls" (such as GT Power software mailbags), and use QWK Networking to
    move mail in and out...which is what I do. Argus can also be set up to
    take faxes...although I use the old BGFAX View utility to look at
    these...and more often than not, I delete them.

    Lastly...Argus, DialUp-To-Telnet, and Synchronet...all for Windows...
    are all freeware.


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