• "No-Spam" Fidonet Via Your Newsreader !!!

    From August Abolins@1:229/390 to All on Mon Dec 20 20:38:00 2004
    Read and Post to Fidonet Message Echoes From Your Favorite NEWSREADER. =====================================================================

    Use your EXISTING
    Outlook Express
    Forte (Free)Agent
    S & H News Rover
    Mozilla Thunderbird
    Others ...

    * From Anywhere

    * No Massive Message Control Lines

    * Messages Are 100% Pure Fidonet, Are NOT Gated To Or From Internet
    Newsgroups Or Other Networks.

    To GET STARTED....

    [1] Configure your newsreader (or Internet Explorer too!) to point to hub2000.darktech.org

    [2] Use port 10119

    [3] No logon (no name, no password) required! Just setup anonymously.

    Then try it! If you followed the instructions properly, your newsreader
    will automatically list the following newsgroup:


    This newsgroup contains further instructions on how to complete your setup
    and registration with the BBS.

    --- FMail/Win32 1.60
    * Origin: . (1:229/390)