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    From MICHEL SAMSON@1:10/345 to MATT GILBERT on Wed Dec 8 08:54:00 2004
    Hi Matt, 1/4

    About "LSPPPDlr 2003" of December 7:

    I checked out your site, and I sort of am 'getting it'.
    The site's main purpose is to keep references and archives handy...
    ...this may be a little too much of an ambitious project for me...

    Ambitious? What about trying to use `RLFossil' via Glenn's setup?!

    I grabbed IVT for DOS... ...it seems to require PC/TCP...
    ...the `IVT' receipie may never be fully explained...
    Is it just 'hopeless' to try to aquire PC/TCP?

    I'd be quite surprized if it could be found even on a Russian Warez
    site! I suppose a used "real-mode" 16-Bits DOS-compatible package might
    be accumulating dust somewhere, but will the diskettes still be OKay?...

    I tried to get `IVT's source-code published and it didn't work, nor
    does it seem probable that Ruurd will make it `Waterloo TCP'-compatible;
    there were some LEGACY DOS BBSers who once believed ~TelNet~/`ZMoDem' is
    out of reach so, `IVT' helped to fight pre-conceptions in those days but
    i know no other users like me who experienced it (and much less SysOps).

    ...I'm not sure exactly where to unzip everything...
    I hesitate to override the directives i published.
    You say to use pkunzip with the -d option to unzip to the c:\ prompt
    and it will unzip the necessary files to c:\ppp and I'll try that.

    Since you have `MS-Kermit' working i decided to capture my page, to publish it here so that you can print/comment it before a retry. It's a partially reformated screen-dump (from telnet://guest.sailor.lib.md.us):

    ---------------[ http://public.sogetel.net/bicephale/eng/2k3updat.htm ]-
    LSPPPDlr 2003 UpDate

    Quebec | Contact | Any Browser Campaign | English/French | Canada
    | E-Mail, IM | Any browser will do! | Version Francaise |

    Up-Date, File list (2003)

    Get `PK250DOS.EXE' from ftp://ftp.braille.uwo.ca/pub/sdc/dos/, then
    `----> [ftp://ftp.braille.uwo.ca/pub/sdc/dos/PK250DOS.EXE]

    move to a declared path where to unZip `PKUnZip' with accompanying files (C:\DOS\ or C:\WINDOWS\COMMAND\ is usually a good choice in such cases); another tool which can be handy from now on is Vernon D. Buerg's `List':

    http://www.buerg.com/downloads/ (Don't skip that one!)
    list94a.zip -> [http://www.buerg.com/downloads/list94a.zip]
    listeval.zip -> [http://www.buerg.com/downloads/listeval.zip]
    7-29> listplus.zip -> [http://www.buerg.com/downloads/listplus.zip]

    Among the tasks to perform one is to reserve enough DOS Environment
    space for DOS INet variables in `Config.SYS', in addition to this have a
    couple lines added to load `TDsk.EXE' (i mean to load it -= TWICE =-)...
    |---> [http://cyberside.dyn.ee/files/dos/ramdisk/tdsk23.zip]
    (It's BETA) `-> [http://cyberside.dyn.ee/files/dos/ramdisk/tdsk242b.zip]
    `Config.SYS' is where `ComSpec' can also be redefined, when needed.

    Next comes `LSPPPDlr 2003 Up-Date', based on my "GlueWare" concept:
    i.e. mostly only files i authored are included in the package except for
    a few _rare_ situations. If you haven't toyed with my previous material
    yet be prepared to manage with a few DOS operations such as altering the
    system configuration (to raise the size of your DOS environment space or
    to declare new paths), as unarchiving and installing 3rd-party ShareWare
    and/or FreeWare (necessary for my GlueWare to work at all). At the core
    of `LSPPPDlr' there are two things, one batch-file (which sets different
    DOS environment variable groups) combined to `{Commo}' custom .MAC/.SET/
    .FON (Macro-language code, Configuration and Dialing Directory) files...

    There's no middle option, work thru the above or simply quit; what `Config.SYS' should include is a line similar to one of these two below:

    Shell=C:\COMMAND.COM C:\ /E:3072 /P
    - or -
    Shell=C:\DOS\ShellMax.COM /R- C:\Command.COM C:\ /E:3072 /P
    `-> [ftp://juge.com/file/ibmutil/DOSMAX21.ZIP]

    It's simple enough to ensure that basic requirements as this can be
    met, in the second case `DOSMax.EXE' is running on DOS versions previous
    to that of `Win 98' (i.e. before `MS-DOS v7.x'). Under `Win 98', a nice device-driver update to have is `EMM386' from `MS-DOS v8.00'/`Win ME' or
    maybe that from DR-DOS v7.03; as parameters to one of these i recommend
    "NoEMS RAM Auto D=64" or "NoEMS RAM Auto DMA=64" respectively, depending
    on selected device-drivers. Two "DeviceHigh=C:\DOS\TDsk.EXE" lines will install the ~RAMDrives~ required for extended features of `LSPPPDlr' (it
    is how sensitive UserName/PassWord data can be protected)... The latest
    `TDsk v2.42' driver is 8088+ compatible but forces `Win 32' systems back
    to "Compatibility Mode"; under those systems the declared path where my GlueWare is copied will read as "DeviceHigh=C:\WINDOWS\COMMAND\TDsk.EXE"
    when using `Win 98'... I'll check my old `Config.SYS' file and show how `ComSpec' is supposed to be modified from there.

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