• RIPTerm screen detection

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    To: DigitalMan
    When connecting to VERT via RIPTerm on DOSBox, it sets the terminal size to 80x8 on connection. When going to the Default settings, and setting via Auto, it will properly detect.

    I'm not sure if it's specific to VERT or to Synchronet as a whole. Could be that a RIP screen is sent that interferes with the detection?

    With RIP detection, might be a good idea to set/reset the text area dimensions to 80x24 with the larger text size when entering and exiting an external program and upon initial connection.

    This also seems to affect the FSEditor, which is drawing in 80x43 display mode, but only taking up 24 lines. While posting this message. Not sure how many people are actually using the older RIPTerm 1.5x via DOSBox, but was playing around with RIPaint and figured I'd give it a try.

    Michael J. Ryan
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