• Time limits in terminal sessions

    From Enric Lleal@2:343/107 to All on Thu Jan 20 18:27:30 2022

    I've notice that the tlim command and bcfg4 numbers section are defining the time limits in seconds instead of minutes (as manual says, and as it was until I changed it).

    My initial setup defined 60 (minutes) as time limit for each new user, but these days I modified it and the result is weird: the number defines in seconds. If I define it through tlim I can increase the limit (in seconds) to reach my desired limit. However, using bcfg4 I have only 3 positions in the text box: it's very weird. You can imagine the result (999 seconds is not enough).

    As a workaround for my existing terminal users I've defined 0 (no time limit) in order to let them work. But I think there is something wrong around...

    Some suggestion? Some idea? It is reproducible at your side? Let me know!

    Thank you in advance...

    A reveure!!

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    * Origin: Eye Of The Beholder BBS - The Fidonet's Corsair (2:343/107)