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    From Enric Lleal@2:343/107 to Kim Heino on Thu Jan 20 08:53:32 2022
    Hi Kim,

    I've been using BBBS a bunch of years and I'm very happy with you and your software. :-) My node is fully registered and I'm not thinking about to go to another BBS/Fido package in short/mid term.

    My point is, I read in the package home page: "BBBS has been developed since 1990 and still has a continuous development." and I think that you would thank some reward/support beyond the registration fee itself.

    Some other software packages are offering different methods to accept donations, punctual and periodic economic support, etc.

    Do you have in mind to do the same? Let me know.

    A reveure!!

    --- BBBS/Li6 v4.10 Toy-5
    * Origin: Eye Of The Beholder BBS - The Fidonet's Corsair (2:343/107)