• SMTP questions, validation questions

    From Chris Costakis@2:222/2 to All on Sat Jan 25 18:50:32 2020

    Very new to BBBS but not to running BBSes. Question about outbound Internet e-mail. I find no reference in the manual to whether BBBS is able to directly
    connect to a mail server for delivery without the use of a smarthost? If not,
    are there any mail authentication options available? All mail hosts these days allow mail relaying without some kind of authentication, and I don't have
    IP whitelisting available to me. I suppose another option would be to run a local postfix server that has the sole purpose of delivering email exported from BBBS? I guess I would have to put it on a port other than 25 since BBBS is listening on that port for incoming mail?

    Also, is there anything available to capture e-mail addresses for new telnet and/or http users and perform verification of that e-mail address in order to validate the user? Looks like the only utility I see to do that is designed to run with BBBS and Windows.


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