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    From Jeff Smith@1:282/1031 to Kim on Fri Mar 15 18:08:06 2019
    Hello Kim,

    While I have your ear. :-)

    Since using the updated version of BBBS's web based message reader/editor I have noticed that the line length when writing a message looks to be different
    than the line length when it is saved. In my last message to you all the typed
    lines looked to be the same length. But when I saved the message many of the lines had the last 1-3 words moved to the next line all by their lonely selves. And example of part of my last message after it was saved is:

    In this case actual crash mail isn't necessary. All I have to do is tell BBBS to poll
    1:14/5 which is the primary AKA that Mystic presents and it will poll. And according
    to the logs complete the poll. Then immediately poll again, and again...

    The saved line length looks to be about 77 character spaces long. This post I deliberately limited the lines to about 65 characters. Is there a setting that
    will allow the written and saved line length to be the same? I have also noticed that several recent posts when reply quoted were quite mangled. Which
    could very well have been the result of the software used to do the replying.


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  • From Kim Heino@2:222/2 to Jeff Smith on Sat Mar 16 12:10:16 2019
    The saved line length looks to be about 77 character spaces long.

    Hard limit is 79 chars per line.

    This is actually a hard problem to fix. With small modifications you can make web interface's textarea to be 79 chars width, which is partial solution.

    Both menus/reply.www and menus/enter.www have this line:

    <textarea name="msgtext" class="form-control" rows="25">$d</textarea>

    Add class "editor" to it, change it to:

    <textarea name="msgtext" class="form-control editor" rows="25">$d</textarea>

    At end of htdocs/style.css add:

    .editor {
    font-family: monospace;
    width: 84ch;
    overflow-y: scroll;

    This works for me with my browser, but yours can differ. Just remember to press
    hard reload is your browser to load new css (ctrl-reload or similar). Next BBBS
    version will include above changes.

    Does anybody have a better solution?

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