• New study on public aquar

    From Jordi Casamitjana@1:278/230 to All on Thu Sep 30 09:04:00 2004
    For those who may be interested, a new study on UK public aquaria has
    been recently published by two UK groups.

    The Captive Animals Protection Society published one study referring
    the whole of the UK public aquarium industry, and it can be seen at: http://www.captiveanimals.org/aquarium/suffering.htm

    Advocates for Animals published the other study referring only to
    Scottish public aquaria, and it can be seen at: http://www.advocatesforanimals.org/campaigns/captive/aquaticparks/beyondtheglass.html

    Both studies are related, and focus mainly on fish and/or aquatic invertebrates, both marine and freshwater (covering issues such as
    abnormal behaviour, animal welfare, health, conservation, education,
    research, contact with humans and even aquarium design)

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