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    From Hamlet@1:278/230 to All on Wed Jun 9 18:19:00 2004
    I'm setting up a new tank (my first, except for one I had as a kid 15
    years ago) and I had a few questions. Some details:

    Tank is a 40 gallon breeder (36in X 18in X 16in)
    Filter is a Penguin 330 (two wheels for bio-filter)
    150 Watt Heater
    basic 25 watt flourescent light

    My plan (such that it is):

    declorinate the water
    get temp to 78F
    do tests for PH, ammonia, nitrites, nitrates

    Assuming nothing bad shows up in the tests,

    start with 5 platies of various colors (following cycling instructions
    from The Simple Guide to Fresh Water Aquariums)

    later add 3 swordtails (1M 2F) of various colors

    later add 4-6 cories of various types

    possibly make additions based on load feedback and suggestions from
    this group.


    1. Why is my tank called a 40 gallon when it holds 45 gallons?
    2. Is my filter adequate? I could add another if neccessary.
    3. Will the aeration of the filter(s) be enough, or do I need to
    supplement it? It keeps the water at the top moving pretty good. The
    book suggests skipping the whole pump/airstone area for simplicity.
    4. Cories are schooling fish. How many should I get to keep them
    happy? Is it ok to mix them a little for variety?
    5. Real plants are pretty much out unless I upgrade the light,
    correct? Would Java Fern be ok or should I just go with plastic

    My interest is to have the platies and swordtails breed a little, but
    not overwhelm me with fish. I understand that the fish will eat the
    fry, so I'm planning on leaving the fry in the main tank. I will give
    them lots of cover (probably plastic) to hide in, hoping that a few
    will reach adulthood. Does this make sense? any suggestions?

    Am I forgeting anything vital?
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