• fish fertility magic .

    From David Dalton@1:278/230 to All on Sun May 2 01:36:00 2004
    This is for fish enthusiasts who may know a bit about fish
    symbolism in (worldwide) folklore, mythology and religion
    and may want to share what they know. Of course I
    can do web searches and library work too but it is
    more fun to get it storytelling wise around the global
    Usenet campfire too.

    Here's a followup I posted to nf.general,nf.arts just now .
    Ha if you want to try it yourself I guess you could make
    love while on a fishing/camping trip in a tent (or home) and dedicate
    your expansive orgasms to improving the fertility of a given
    fish species or muliple species or local subset. If you are
    worried about permission of your deity request your
    deity to gatekeeper the working so effectively it becomes
    a creative prayer, and such innovation is sometimes rewarded.
    Anyway, if nothing else this may amuse you but I am also
    interested in what you know of fish symbolism in (worldwide)
    religion, mythology and folklore so follow up here or (more likely?)
    to the related post on alt.mythology if you know any and/or
    on alt.native if it is native lore. Also come visit Newfoundland and
    Labrador and collect some samples.

    On Sat, 01 May 2004 19:32:58 -0230, David Dalton <dalton@nfld.com>

    So what are examples you know of of fish symbolism in

    and Newfoundland and Labrador folklore including
    native lore (and other folklore from around the world

    I may try to put together a
    composite poem refering to some and to the Newfoundland
    fishery (and possibly global fishery too), perhaps an invocation
    for it to regenerate.

    Of course the one most relevant to most Newfoundlanders is
    the Christian fish one, which I would invoke among others.

    If some Christians say I can't, they can't say that, only
    the Christian God (and Jesus if different) can say that
    and if I attempt visualization and linkage of such symbol
    and it intuitively works (or better, actually results in
    increased fish fertility, not that we could rape the fish
    again then though) then I have permission. I don't
    always, sometimes I might try a Strawberry link
    for a red guitar and it doesn't work and then maybe
    a Partridgeberry one does, in terms of feedback effects
    on me and perhaps in sound though local musicians
    would know that more objectively than me, and if
    so might think I and one or more bisexual by nature women
    working together can bring back the fish and more, and
    bring about a global new age.

    Ha, I'm still just trying to get a date for May 4 full moon,
    obviously. (But I bet Jesus and Magdalene did get
    together, and in pagan terms there is a Great Rite
    and one example of that is Morgaine and Arthur
    getting together at Beltane [now] in Marion Zimmer
    Bradley's book The Mists of Avalon.)

    Obviously I wouldn't invoke any with nasty connotations
    but I can't think of any such right now. But that would require me
    to actually write a poem or improv good lyrics rather than
    just doing silent willing of something. Also it would help
    if Baxter Wareham still had his ugly stick. :-)
    (that he had at Expo 86).

    However I may need a bit of female help on this one.

    http://www.nfld.com/~dalton/dtales.html (Salmon on the Thorns)

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