• visi-therm deluxe adjustm

    From Al@1:278/230 to All on Wed Dec 31 20:51:00 2003
    I recently purchased a Visi-therm Deluxe heater.
    I had no problems with initial installation and adjustment (dry).

    Now a couple of days later I wanted to adjust the temperature
    slightly. The heater has a cone shaped knob with ridges, but I find
    it is impossible to turn with one hand while under water.
    My fingers tend to slip off the tapered knob and if I can get a good
    grip, the entire heater will turn in the holder.

    picture here: http://marineland.com/products/consumer/con_vtherm.asp

    I find it necessary to remove the heater from the holder. Then hold
    the glass with one hand and turn the knob with the other. Then
    remount the heater.

    Is this typical with this heater?
    Since it is new and I have never owned this brand before, I am
    wondering if mine is abnormally difficult.

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