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    From Bassett@1:278/230 to All on Mon Dec 1 06:43:00 2003
    Over the last few months, I have been talking with a forum that I
    to with regard to starting a Off-shoot section for Tropical Fish.. It is proposed to have one section for Australian related [tank] fish subjects, be they Cold water, tropical, etc,
    The forum concerned is for Satellite Free To Air TV, and people are very welcome to also read and contribute to anything on the site.. Registration
    is required to post and only genuine e-mail address will be excepted [ no
    yahoo or hotmail] The site is Australian based.
    This can only work with support, and any Aussie's or anyone else for that matter, that would care to contribute, is very welcome.
    Could I ask that anyone interested, please indicate here , so we can gauge
    the interest and start the group, No interest, No group.
    Thanks,, bassett
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