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    From Jeff Snyder@1:345/3777 to All on Tue Apr 19 06:57:00 2011
    Hello everyone. As some of my regular readers will know, in addition to studying and teaching the Bible -- which is my primary activity and lifelong passion -- I do have other interests. For example, for many years now --
    over four decades in fact -- I have been a tropical fish hobbyist, although
    not on a continual basis. For a time, I was a manager at a local pet store,
    as well as the manager of its sister business which designed and maintained freshwater and saltwater aquariums. Later on, I started my own aquarium maintenance and design business. That was not quite twenty years ago, and I have since abandoned that activity.

    Currently, I only have one 45-gallon freshwater aquarium set up which
    contains several dozen Malawi cichlids. Unbeknownst to me, I actually
    started out with four males and one female -- they were too young to
    determine their sex at the time in April of 2009 -- and the rest is history. The aquarium is now bursting with several generations of Malawi cichlids of various ages and sizes. They have provided me with a lot of pleasure during
    the time that I have had them.

    Anyway, three years ago I started a tropical fish forum -- or messageboard
    -- for other tropical fish hobbyists who might want to stop by for a chat,
    or to share their own bits of fishy wisdom.

    Sadly, my tropical fish forum never really took off the ground, even though
    I did a small bit of online promoting for it. However, yesterday I decided
    to give my tropical fish messageboard a facelift, in the hope that it might attract some new visitors and members.

    I am quite pleased with the results, as I have incorporated quite a bit of
    CSS3 into the updated design. If you are a fellow tropical fish hobbyist,
    and would like to take a peek at the all new Tropical Fish Forum
    messageboard, just go to the following link:


    That link will take you to the landing page for the Tropical Fish Forum. You will see a link in the middle of that page which will actually take you into the messageboard itself.

    Thanks so much!

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