• If Our Fish Could Talk

    From Jeff Snyder@1:345/3777 to All on Sun Jul 25 06:08:00 2010
    If Our Fish Could Talk

    -- A bit of fish comedy from Jeff Snyder . . . who else? :)

    Have you ever wondered what our fish might say to us if they were able to
    talk? I currently have a tank full of mbunas; and given their nature, I
    think they might say something like the following. I hope that you have a
    good sense of humor:

    "Why are you feeding us pellets that have been in the refrigerator for two years?!"

    "Hey! Human! It's after 9 PM! Turn down the lights!"

    "Stop messing with the rocks! I liked my cave just the way it was!"

    "I want more women in here! Get rid of these other dudes!"

    "Get off your lazy butt and give us a water change!"

    "Haven't you ever heard of over-population? You're really pushing it,

    My gosh! At least brush your teeth if you're going to stare at us like

    "No! I don't like hard rock music! Put on some classical! Jeesh!"

    "One degree hotter in here and we're all dead! Don't you care?!"

    "My gosh...When I asked for a harem, I thought you'd do better than this!
    Are your females as ugly as mine?!"

    "Please clean the algae off of the glass! I'm really starting to get claustrophobic in here!"

    It's really all a matter of perspective. Consider this next one:

    Papa mbuna to his fry: "Hey kids! Come and see what we've got trapped on the other side of this glass!"

    Fry: Ooh, paps! That's ugly! Is it dangerous?!

    Well, if you enjoyed the previous quotations, here are a few more that I
    came up with. This first one is a mbuna complaining about his food:

    "You see this mouth? You see that pellet? Yeah, that's right; there's
    something very wrong here! Next time, buy us a smaller pellet, okay?! What
    were you thinking!?"

    Now here's Papa Mbuna carefully sharing a life lesson with his new young

    Papa Mbuna: "Now kids, when you see the big blue thing rubbing away over
    there, don't worry; it's no threat to us; it's just the janitor cleaning the glass. On the other hand, when you see the big white mesh thing, RUN FOR

    The wide-eyed fry reply: "Why papa? What is it?"

    Papa Mbuna: "Haven't you heard?! ALIEN ABUCTION! When that thing appears,
    our kind just disappear and are never seen again! They are just up and

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