• Nature Is Brutal!

    From Jeff Snyder@1:345/3777 to All on Sun Jul 18 19:29:00 2010
    Oh gosh . . . No sooner said than done!

    One of the new fry just decided to cruise on the surface along the back side
    of the tank. He came around the back right corner of the tank, and then
    decided to descend back to the rock decor at the front right corner . . .
    right into Bully Boy's territory, where Bully Boy and two other fish were waiting for him.

    It was a quick fight for dinner between the three fish, but Bully Boy won and that poor little fry disappeared in a flash!

    I saw the second fry a few minutes ago; but as I said, with so many hungry mouths in the tank -- even though they had a full meal of Hikari pellets only
    a few hours ago -- most of these new fry will probably not survive.

    Nature is brutal; just like humans; but at least most humans don't eat their own young! But then there is abortion! :(

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