• First Two Fry From Female #2 Spotted

    From Jeff Snyder@1:345/3777 to All on Sun Jul 18 18:58:00 2010
    Less than two hours after making the previous post, I spotted two new fry hovering around some rocks that are located in the left rear section of the tank.

    Going by the size of her throat pouch, it is safe to say that female #2 is still holding some fry, and she continues to aggressively chase away the
    rest of the fish from her chosen release spot.

    Given how many rocks are in the tank, I seriously doubt that I will ever
    know exactly how many fry she has released, or how many have managed to
    survive for that matter. As I've stated before, given the number of fish
    that now populate the tank, the odds of survival are considerably less than what they were a year ago when there were only five fish in the tank.

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