• 2nd Oldest Female Mbuna Releasing Soon

    From Jeff Snyder@1:345/3777 to All on Sun Jul 18 16:27:00 2010
    Well, it has become quite evident that my second oldest female mbuna -- one
    of Mama Mbuna's fry -- will be releasing her first batch of fry soon. Since early this morning she has been aggressively chasing away the rest of the
    fish from an area where two rocks overlap each other. She can't fit in the crack created by the two rocks, but that is apparently where she intends to release her fry. Today is day number twenty-one for her, and it is going on 4:20 PM. I haven't actually seen any of the fry yet, so it may happen today,
    or perhaps she will hold off until tomorrow. We shall see.

    As I have mentioned before, this female is quite different from her mother,
    in that she has considerably more color to her. In fact, her various shades
    of metallic and neon blue are so rich, that she could easily pass for
    another male in the tank. Mama Mbuna's colors are considerably more drab by comparison.

    As far as female #2's mother -- Mama Mbuna -- is concerned, she has pretty
    much been staying out of sight. Her release date will probably come in about another three days.

    And again, concerning the third holding female, I am unsure of her release date, as I don't recall when she spawned.

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