• Mama Mbuna Spawning For 11th Time

    From Jeff Snyder@1:345/3777 to All on Thu Jul 1 12:07:00 2010
    As I type this, things are a bit frenetic in the tank as Mama Mbuna and
    Bully Boy -- the dominant male -- are spawning for the eleventh time. As
    I've mentioned before, spawning occasions are pretty wild events, as they
    both spend just as much time chasing away all of the rest of the fish, as
    they do actually mating.

    I was hoping to get Mama Mbuna to eat one more time, so she'd have enough strength for her three-week fast, but I was a little too late, as she
    already has a few eggs in her mouth.

    With the new design of the tank, and Bully Boy's lair being right next to my keyboard, only a foot away, I have a ringside seat. In fact, during the past hour or so, Mama Mbuna has easily picked up at least two dozen eggs. I think she is about done now. To my recollection, this is the largest spawn that I have ever observed between them.

    After watching so many spawning events, I am still amazed by the large size
    of the tannish-brown eggs. I don't know how she fits so many in her throat pouch.

    What also amazes me are Bully Boy's brilliant colors. When he is mating, his various shades of blue light up like a neon sign, and he gets a dark blue
    mask which runs from his mouth, to just below his eyes, and then continues along his belly. When you add in all of the rest of his metallic blue
    stripes and bars, he is just one gorgeous mbuna, and I never get tired of looking at him.

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