• Major Tank Maintenance Done

    From Jeff Snyder@1:345/3777 to All on Wed Jun 23 10:15:00 2010
    Yesterday -- June 22nd -- I performed major maintenance on the tank.

    Due to the increasing number of fish in the tank -- as well as the fact that some of the fish are quite big now -- I decided to remove the three largest rocks, which, while nice-looking, were taking up a lot of space. Not only
    did this create more open swimming space, but it also allowed me to slightly increase the water volume in the tank by a few gallons as well.

    Basically, I completely tore down the tank, just leaving the fish, sand and water in the tank. Not only is there now more open space in the tank, but
    the top level of the rock decor is now several inches lower than it was
    before, which allows the light to better penetrate into the tank. There is
    also a wider white sand area all along the front of the tank.

    In addition to rearranging the rock decor, I also stirred up the sand substrate, cleaned the algae off of all of the glass panes, washed out the filter sponges, and changed thirty gallons of water. I also used one of my fine-meshed nets to remove a lot of the larger floating debris from the

    While rearranging the tank, I was able to save four fry from spawn number
    ten. There were actually five fry, but one of them died because it was
    hiding in a little hole in one of the rocks that I took out of the tank. I found it dead on the floor.

    This morning the tank is back to normal, and the water is almost crystal
    clear again. The fish have begun to stake out their new territories; and of course, the dominant male wants to claim just about every new cave that I created. Now that I can see things better, I will probably rearrange a few
    of the rocks along the left and right sides, so that I can clean the glass better.

    That's it for now. Until next time.

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