• Mama Mbuna Begins Releasing Spawn #10

    From Jeff Snyder@1:345/3777 to All on Fri Jun 18 20:19:00 2010
    Today -- June 18th, and twenty days after Mama Mbuna spawned for the tenth
    time -- I spotted the first free-swimming fry from spawn number ten. Based
    on the size of her throat pouch, Mama Mbuna is probably still holding the majority of the fry, although I did see her release a few of them earlier
    this afternoon, only to suck them back into her mouth a few seconds later. I suspect that she will more than likely fully release the remainder of her
    fry sometime tomorrow.

    Regarding the younger female who was also incubating her eggs, it appears
    that she has now lost all of her spawn. But I am not really surprised, as
    based on Mama Mbuna's earlier spawns, it seems that sometimes it takes the females a few spawns to finally get it right, and learn how to incubate a
    spawn to maturity and final release.

    On a related note, as I mentioned earlier, I am becoming more convinced that
    a few of the other older fry are females as well, as their body color is clearly much lighter than the males, and they have a lot more yellow tinge
    in their body and fins as well.

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