• Eleven Young Fry Spotted Today

    From Jeff Snyder@1:345/3777 to All on Mon Nov 2 14:07:00 2009
    I've been doing regular spot checks ever since the new fry were released by Mama Mbuna on October 28th. As I've said before, this has been her most successful spawn to date. Today, for the firs time, I was able to count a
    total of eleven fry hiding amongst the rocks in various parts of the tank.

    This seems to confirm a 100% success rate with this spawn. Not only that,
    but it also confirms my belief that these particular mbuna are considerably more tolerant of their own fry than the Copadichromis borleyi -- or Red
    Kadango -- that I raised several years ago. I have repeatedly watched these
    fry swim right out in front of the adult mbuna without suffering any
    negative consequences.

    Of course, if all of these new fry do survive into adulthood -- and I
    suspect that they will -- that will present a new problem; as by that time,
    I will have at the very least two dozen mbuna in this small 45-gallon, four-foot long tank. That's getting too crowded for my taste, and will
    demand more frequent water changes -- or taking some of the fish to one of
    our local pet stores.

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