• Water Change & Spunky Males

    From Jeff Snyder@1:345/3777 to All on Sat Oct 17 12:26:00 2009
    Today I conducted about a 35% water change. As usual, the males became all excited -- and more aggressive with each other -- as a result of the fresh water, and the simulated waterfalls from the two Penguin Bio-Wheel filters, which form when the water level drops. I suspect that between the fresh
    water, the water spilling over the filters, and the richer oxygen level, the mbunas may think that it is raining, which -- from what I've read -- does
    help to stimulate spawning in some fish species.

    The two youngest fry are doing quite well, and are already beginning to
    acquire some color. As they continue to grow, they are becoming bolder, and
    are taking more chances out in the open.

    Junior is likewise doing well, and has grown substantially in recent weeks.

    Mama continues to incubate her fourth spawn. Occasionally she darts out into the open, only to disappear again.

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