• Fry From Third Spawn Seen Today

    From Jeff Snyder@1:345/3777 to All on Tue Sep 15 18:28:00 2009
    Early this morning at 6:15 AM as I was turning on the aquarium lights, I discovered a newly-released fry hovering just above the sand substrate in
    the front right corner of the tank. This area also happens to be the lair of one of the adult mbunas. I only saw the fry for a second or two before it disappeared into the rocks. Since then, I have seen the female a few times throughout the day, and she is still holding fry. Going by her past spawns,
    I anticipate that she will release the rest of her fry within the next few
    days at the latest. Whether or not we will have any actual survivors this
    time remains to be seen.

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