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    From Carol Shenkenberger@1:275/100 to All on Mon Jun 16 16:03:21 2008
    I got kinda busy so didnt add more fish in til now. Tank is fully cycled having been running fishless for 3 weeks then with fish for last 6 weeks or

    The tank was started with 2 miniature white catfish (max fize will be 3
    inches if that) and 4 gourami. Unfortunately the gourami were all male and
    the biggest one is the only survivor.

    Now added is a slightly odd selection but they should be compatible. 1 male and 3 female black mollies. Also 1 male and 3 female scissortail Rasabora.
    To finish out, 1 golden snail.

    With this being a 70G 'tall' tank, I am well underloaded but need to stick to fish that arent much more than 6 inches as it's not but 11 inches across (but much taller than normal 70's so looks like a 90G in effect).

    I need to get at least 2 (preferably 4) fish of the 5-6 inch range when fully adult. One should be a bottom dweller and was looking at some of the
    snake/eel like sorts (can be bigger if that build since turning around wont
    be so much a problem). Needs to be placid or it will eat the others. Might also want to add some of the smaller semi-aggressives then but not same
    species as the gourami I suspect <g>.

    Any suggestions for additions? I'm not upset if the tankmates eat most of
    the mollie babies. In fact, I sorta planned that to happen.

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