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    From Mike Roberts@1:261/1381 to Sean Dennis on Tue Oct 11 12:18:47 2005
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    Hi, everyone.

    After a late-night discussion via AIM with a friend who has aquarium keeping experience, I isolated the Colonel in a clean glass that was
    I gave him up to the next life.

    Sorry to hear this Sean... I am also interested in starting this hobby. I recently recieved a message from Carol on this subject. I was new so it was great news to me and I appreciated her efforts. I will go see if I can find
    it and post it here. It had some great information on preparing the tank and such. If it is of no use. So be it. However it was packed with information so maybe some will be helpful to you.


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  • From BEN RITCHEY@1:393/68 to SEAN DENNIS on Tue Oct 11 17:48:50 2005
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    | SD> If anyone else has any more advice,

    In the beginning, it's advised to let your tank "mature" biologically, before you add anything live to it. Two to four weeks is nominal, two months won't hurt, especially if you have an undergravel filter. I waited a month last time I set one up (a 29G). YMMV

    Basic treatment for a sick fish is a bit of aquarium salt (see box) and 4-5 degrees extra heat for a few days. Specific ailments may entail meds though I never used anything except ick-off (white spots) and managed to save several sideway swimmers over the years. <g>

    Be well :^)

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