• tailscale ..impressive

    From August Abolins@2:221/1.58 to All on Thu Jun 1 19:50:00 2023
    Recently, I got the headsup on tailscale. It's a pretty nifty almost-zero-config personal VPN for the purposes of
    establishing secure and encrypted tunnels over your own
    machines as a custom network.

    Prior to tailscale, I was using AnyDesk cuz it just worked and
    did not need any port forwarding pre-considerations. (My router
    has a broken port-forwarding feature - the settings didn't
    stick - but AnyDesk overcame that.

    At some point AnyDesk deemed my usage commercial primarily
    because I was using it too regularly. :(

    Then there was several months of time that I wasn't using
    anything at all and lived without the need to reach my remote
    machines for transferring files or observing processes.

    But tailscale is looking like a great solution!

    I can launch a VNC connection from my remote pc to my home pc.

    A VNC connection from my home pc to my remote pc is having an
    issue but I can work around it by accessing the Filezilla-
    server on the remote to transfer files to and from home.

    I am operting Win7 systems on both remote and home pc.

    Tailscale is availble for Win, iOS, MacOS, Android, Linux

    See https://tailscale.com/

    For a simple home "network" of machines, the free offering
    could be all that one needs.

    Tailscale takes care of the networking authenticated machines.
    After that, you can reach any service that any machine supports
    whether it is VNC, Remote Desktop, SSH, FTP, etc.. and you
    have a fully secure, and encrypted personal VPN.


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