• Win11(22H2) window position

    From August Abolins@2:221/1.58 to Martin Foster on Mon Jan 9 08:03:00 2023
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    *** Tuesday 13.12.22 at 13:21, Martin Foster wrote:

    I've recently upgraded my Win11 installation to 22H2 and I cannot figure
    out how to configure the terminal window to open in the same place every
    time. This was easily configured in all other versions of Windows,
    including the previous version of Win11. Ideas anyone?

    I guess that's a no, then :-(

    Try posting in the WINDOWS echo?

    Maybe it depends on the type of terminal window?

    "You can choose a Windows PowerShell window, a traditional
    Command Prompt window, or an Azure Cloud Shell window"

    The Settings for each seems to provide many options EXCEPT for
    position on screen. :(

    "you can also set a size for the Terminal window when launched
    in windowed mode. To do so, from the `Launch size' section
    enter the `Columns' size to adjust the width and enter the
    `Rows' size to adjust the height of the window."

    They seem to address size, but not a particular position on the

    There was a way to fix the position in the earlier windows
    versions. I think it was pressing and holding the Ctl-key
    before X-ing out a terminal window.


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