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    From August Abolins@2:221/1.58 to Matt Munson on Mon Dec 27 08:00:00 2021
    Hello Matt Munson!

    ** On Sunday 26.12.21 - 23:18, Matt Munson wrote to All:

    I am wondering is my Windows XP upgrade discs still worth keeping for retro purposes or should I toss them in the trash.

    I have a Win98 SE full edition and I was going to upgrade it to Windows XP.

    XP is totally still quite useable and robust. I still use it
    on a couple of Thinkpads (T40p, T60) ..the latter which I am
    using for this messsage with OpenXP.

    I would imagine that someone out there could still make use of
    them, even yourself - for retro purposes. ;)

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