• Idiot Lights

    From Ed Vance@1:2320/105 to All on Mon Sep 7 21:57:00 2020

    When I turn the UPS on the DSL Modem and Linksys Router start up.
    A few seconds later the 3 WAN LEDs go OFF for a moment and turn On again.

    I wait a while before I turn the XP pc on to let the Router and DSL Modem finish their "Handshaking Procedure".

    I've always been an IDIOT Light watcher and I'm puzzled why the 3 LEDs on
    the Router will again go OFF and back ON again about 3 minutes after the
    power is applied to them.

    I still wait a few minutes more before I turn on the XP pc, and during
    that period I see the WAN LEDs doing a lot of binking.

    The Port 1 LEDs will ocassionally blink but not in time with what the WAN
    LEDs are doing.

    As I am waiting. I also see the Activity LED on the DLS Modem ocassionally blink, but I don't see any corresponding blinking on the Routers WAN LEDs
    at the same time.

    When the Routers WAN LEDs stop "Handshaking" and stay ON I turn on the XP
    pc and start using the computer.

    Is it unusual for the 3 WAN LEDs on the Linksys Router to all go OFF for a moment and back ON when it is started up?

    Thanks from the old Idiot Light watcher.

    73 de Ed W9ODR . .

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