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    From Ed Vance@1:2320/105 to All on Mon Mar 23 21:11:00 2020

    Years ago I asked this Question but wanted to ask it again.

    I would rather have WordPad start up with a different Font than Arial.

    Does anyone know how to change WordPad's Default Settings?

    I have made a NewJob.rtf File that opens with one character - a Period.

    After I Open NewJob.rtf I use SaveAs... and give the File a New Name and
    Save it to the Sub-Directory I want to keep the new .rtf File in.

    That works but I would really like to know if the WordPad Program code
    could be modified to my liking.

    A long time ago I used MS-DOS DEBUG before to change one or two programs.
    That was with DOS 3.3 or DOS 5.0 .

    I would like to try DEBUGing WordPad in XP SP3.

    It may be beyond my capabilities to change the code to my desired Font
    which is Courier New, since Courier New has 11 characters in its name,
    Whereas the name for Arial has only 5 characters.

    Oh!, I wish Microsoft had used a Default Font in WordPad that had more than
    11 characters so I could put some Null Characters (00) in any excess space
    in WordPad's Code.

    But maybe the Default Font in Microsoft's WordPad code is a
    single Hex Value that could be changed more easily.

    Thanks In Advance From Ed Vance, 73 de W9ODR . .

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