• laptop, has risen.

    From August Abolins@2:221/360 to Ben Ritchey on Sat Aug 4 03:46:43 2018
    Ben Ritchey : August Abolins wrote:
    Now, I seem to have other problems of my own: my regular laptop
    is simply not starting up. No AC/power light at the laptop even
    when the AC adaptor is plugged in. :(

    ..Check the
    output of the Laptop's AC adapter with a Voltmeter and replace if bad.
    If it reads good then I would guess the laptop is at fault.

    It took several days (one week ago to be exact) but the laptop has sprung back to life on its own today.

    Looking back, I believe that the laptop had sustained some water damage (rain from an open back window in my car). I did not really notice it since the rain
    had stopped a while ago when I went to take the computer from the car.

    Thankfully, things dried up sufficiently to allow the power button to respond properly.

    What a crazy week before this. I agonized a bit on all the work there was going
    to be in salvaging the files and programs from the laptop (WinXP, Thinkpad T60)
    and getting them on a new laptop. Then there was the matter of even finding a suitable laptop that I would be happy to work with. My only options in town were Win10 laptops and I didn't like any of them except for a couple of Thinkpads.

    The older WinXP laptop (Thinkpad T40p) that I was using in the meantime is on its last legs (bad onboard fan that prevents proper bootup unless I blow into the vent to spin the fan first!) I am so glad that I don't need to use the T40p

    So.. that was my unexpected journey for the last few days.

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