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    On 12/27/2016 8:08 PM, Paul wrote:
    Buffalo wrote:
    This is what I have at present. Windows Live Mail 2011 (Build
    I am running Win10 HE 64 bit OS.
    Part of Essentials, I believe.
    How do I upgrade to the latest Windows Mail program?
    How to do it without losing my email and newsgroups?
    Is Windows Mail worth it?
    I have Thunderbird dl'd but don't really use it much.

    Here's a review of Win10 Mail. It's got a tablet interface.


    See the user comments at the bottom for the real review.
    Those are real people trying to do real work with it.
    Not just send one email for the purposes of writing a review.


    Yes, I tried Windows10 mail after my ISP went to IMAP and I sure dumped
    it quickly.
    What a horrible excuse for a mail program, Nearly as bad as the Edge


    Yes!! Two HUGE POS's.

    You have to wonder what that's all about.

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