• Re: Windows 10 Upgrade No

    From TOM WALKER@1:123/140 to WILFRED VAN VELZEN on Sat Apr 9 17:56:00 2016
    Hi Adam,

    On 2016-03-23 00:33:38, you wrote to All:

    Nifty app to remove the annoying Windows 10 upgrade notification out of your trusty Windows 7 OS: www.ultimateoutsider.com/downloads/ I installed the GWX Control Panel and conducted the various options to remove and prevent the Windows 10 notification icon along with removal of the pre-downloaded Windows 10 installation files. This app also prevents future installations and instrusions of the Windows 10 upgrade notification from getting installed again through Windows Updates.

    Great... But is it malware free? I'm never so trigger happy to execute file WVV>from unknown sources! ;)

    Bye, Wilfred.

    I checked it out after I installed and YES it is malware free.
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