• Windows 10 Upgrade Notifi

    From TOM WALKER@1:123/140 to ADAM GLAZENER on Sat Apr 9 17:51:00 2016
    Nifty app to remove the annoying Windows 10 upgrade notification out of AG>your trusty Windows 7 OS: www.ultimateoutsider.com/downloads/
    I installed the GWX Control Panel and conducted the various options to AG>remove and prevent the Windows 10 notification icon along with removal
    of the pre-downloaded Windows 10 installation files. This app also AG>prevents future installations and instrusions of the Windows 10 upgrade AG>notification from getting installed again through Windows Updates.

    -=[Lord Cygnus]=-

    I installed GWX control panel on both of my Win 10 Machines.

    SysOp of:
    YYZBBS - yyzbbs.no-ip.org:65
    8-Bit Guild BBS - 8bitguild.no-ip.org:130
    (Telnet nodes)

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