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    Howdy! Doc,

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    I got a Email today about My PayPal Account.
    I don't have a Account with PayPal, and since the Address the message
    came from didn't end with "paypal.com" I Forwarded the FAKE message to:

    so their Security Department could investigate it.

    I thought I ought to share that Email Address with the people who read this echo, because someone might want to help PayPal Security catch
    people who are impersonating them.

    eBay and PayPal are huge targets. Most of those spoofs are
    being sent by infected pc's and smartphones. There really is
    nothing to investigate as most of these spammers and scammers
    are overseas.

    If any company has a internet presence there is some crook who wants to
    mess with that company.

    It makes the phrase "Buyer Beware" more important for their customers
    to pay heed to.

    The number of scams targeting car buyers is frightning. They
    used to use eBay in their phishing scams but now are
    concentrating on Amazon to hook naive suckers. https://blog.ebaymotorssucks.com/9680/amazon-payments-car-scam-2

    I will look at that URL, Thanks!

    ... Have you checked your smoke detector batteries & Fire Ext, LATELY?!
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