• Extra functionality needed outside mbse?

    From Vincent Coen@2:250/1 to All on Sat Aug 27 14:58:12 2022
    Hello All!

    I run the ELIST and BACKBONE service on a Raspberry Pi 3B+ under Debians Bullseye x32.

    This system uses my own software written in gnucobol that translates to C and is then compiled.

    It currently will only takes submissions to the system in the form of text files where the file name submitted is in the form ECHOTAG.ECO or ECHOTAG.RUL (only contains any multi line rules).

    I would like to also accept Netmail and possibly Emails sent to a specific address.

    As mbse only uses the Jam message base what ever is used has to use it by: Reading all new Netmails addressed to a specific user (elistmaint) and build a file as above using the text in the body of the netmail (and possibly a Email) creating one of the file types (.ECO and .RUL) and with the filename as specified in the Subject line.

    I have really tried to find a library (in source if possible) that will allow me to do this but the only thing I have found is Basic / Pascal code that is very, very basic in nature that can not so what is needed in any way, so that it would really need a full rewrite at a minimum.

    Does any one know of such software / library that will allow me to read from a specific Jam message area and output the content allowing that I will have to code up such changes ?

    Yes, I am aware of mbmsg po to output a netmail and I use it to do just that, but I cannot find such a function for reading them let alone to create a text file for each msg :(

    If the output is different but all needed text is present, I can write some code to deal with that issue before passing the text files to my program for normal processing.

    The same process is as I said for emails would also help.


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