• Routing table processing in mbse

    From Vincent Coen@2:250/1 to All on Mon May 2 16:08:18 2022
    Hello All!

    I have a few AKA's listed in the nodelist as I am the host for 2:25.

    This means that I have recorded the following :

    2:25/0 as its in the nodelist for region 25 UK and Ireland
    2:250/0 Ditto for UK
    2:263/0 Ditto for Ireland

    and two for new sysops to get through as :
    2:25/999 and 2:25/9999 I should have also used 2:250 with these two values but
    as I have issues using what I do use have not done so.

    Now the issue is if anything gets generated from where ever including within this system if any comes in and as I cannot put these two addresses (2:25/0 and
    2:25/0) into it as the routing system only plays with down/up links it ends up as a loop going between my main routing to Ward at 2:0 before coming back when my system calls itself creating a very large loop.

    The routing table looks like this :


    1. 1:317/3 Direct 1:317/3@fidonet
    2. 1:All Route to 1:3634/12@fidonet
    3. 2:240/1120 Direct 2:240/1120@fidonet
    4. 2:25/All Default 0:0/0
    5. 2:250/All Default 0:0/0
    6. 2:263/1 Route to 2:263/1@fidonet
    7. 2:263/5 Route to 2:263/5@fidonet
    8. 2:301/1 Direct 2:301/1@fidonet
    9. 2:371/52 Direct 2:371/52@fidonet
    10. 2:All Route to 2:292/854@fidonet
    11. 3:All Route to 2:292/854@fidonet
    12. 4:All Route to 2:292/854@fidonet

    You can see that traffic for 2:25 and 2:250 are set to Default hence possible/probable cause.

    So without fixing the way the routing table system works should I remove my AKS's for 2:25/0 and 2:250/0 and will it cause any other issues ?

    This issue does not happen often but does happen so would like to fix it as it can cause issues for not only me and my uplink and produces odd traffic from the original source of the netmail - maybe ? such as an address at 4:490.


    --- Mageia Linux v8 X64/Mbse v1.0.8/GoldED+/LNX 1.1.5-b20180707
    * Origin: Air Applewood, The Linux Gateway to the UK & Eire (2:250/1)