• MBSE, fTelnet, and DOSemu

    From Sean Dennis@1:18/200 to All on Wed Apr 20 23:02:10 2022
    Hello All,

    I discovered a fix for the problem using fTelnet on your website and DOS doors under DOSemu not working due to fTelnet sending "ansi-bbs" as the term variable if your distro uses termcap.

    I will be putting this into the new "how to run DOS doors" section in the new MBSE docs but for now...

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    Using fTelnet on your website to connect to MBSE does not work with DOS
    doors running under DOSemu since fTelnet sends the term variable set to "ansi-bbs" and there is not an entry in terminfo or termcap for "ansi-bbs"
    so DOSemu abends.

    There is an easy fix for this if your Linux distro uses termcap:

    1) Become the "mbse" user on your MBSE computer.

    2) Go to:

    Save this file as /opt/mbse/terminfo

    3) Go to:

    Save this file as /opt/mbse/termcap

    4) Switch to "su" (do NOT use "su -") and run these two commands:

    # tic terminfo
    # cat termcap >> /etc/termcap

    5) You can switch back to the "mbse" user and delete those two files you created.

    This fix works under Devuan Linux so it should work on any other Debian-based distro. It should work under Slackware too if memory serves.

    Thanks to Rob Swindell, et al., for posting this on the Synchronet BBS wiki
    at http://wiki.synchro.net/install:nix!
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    -- Sean

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