• MBSE Enhancement

    From Deon George@3:633/509.1 to Andrew Leary on Fri Sep 7 11:51:31 2018
    Hi Andrew,

    I'd like to suggest an enhancement.

    I run MBSE in a docker container, and one of the side affects of containers is that when a container is refreshed (like it moves to a new host, or an update comes out), the modified contents of the content itself are lost. (The MBSE data is stored on a persistent device, so the BBS data isnt.)

    The main contents that are needed is /etc/passwd, re-creating BBS users in /etc/passwd. I found some python code that does that work (and it works
    well), but I think it would be a nice function build into mbtask. It would apply to non docker users, if they move MBSE to a new (clean) host.

    So if mbtask starts, and compares the user list with /etc/passwd, it would be good if it created any missing entries.

    Just a thought...


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